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This is not an official poster, only a fun collage.

Behind the scenes footage.
Provided by Sindrik Tiernan of DICED LIFE


A One Shot Productions and carSINogeniccandy Film
Directed by Tiffany Sinclair
Written by Kevin Collins
Produced by:
Peter J. Evanko
Kevin Collins
Brian Sheridan
Tiffany Sinclair

Anna Isely as "Eve"

Brian Sheridan as "Len"

Sydney R. Boyd as "Sarah"

Preston J. Gilbert as "Smitty"

Anna Isely and Sydney R. Boyd

Brian Sheridan

Alyssa Shenefield as the "Child Zombie"

Preston Gilbert in action

Jeremy Kraft as "Intruding Zombie 2"

Adam Martin as "Intruding Zombie 1"

Kevin Shenefield as "Bench Zombie"

Sindrik Tiernan as "Front Door Zombie"

Sydney R. Boyd in action

Edgar digging out of the grave as "Zombie Dog"

Anna Isely